About TelecomSat

TelecomSat is a leading distributor of satellite communications services, offering a wide variety of satellite products to meet its customers’ communication needs.

TelecomSat’s mission is to find the right product and service for the customer’s specific requirements.

Irridium - Téléphone Satellite

With the largest commercial constellation of 66 low Earth orbit (LEO) cross-linked satellites, Iridium operates as a fully meshed network supported by multiple spare satellites. It is the only service with worldwide coverage.

Garmin Inreach

The Garmin InReach may be small in size, but it has the same basic functions as GPS satellite communication devices. A must-have for expeditions or any type of work in areas where the safety of your employees is at stake.

Icom Canada

Since creating its first radio in 1954 in Osaka, Japan, Icom has been dedicated to quality, innovation, performance and intuitive use. Icom stands out from the crowd through its commitment to design excellence and high-quality components in every product.

Special offer

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